About Us

Welcome to DigitalBarath.com – a Blog that is dedicated to helping people learn about Marketing, Business and Technology.

My name is Barathkumaar Ravikumaar and I’m Part time Blogger and Crew Chief of Digital Barath.

I’m also an Digital Marketing Consultant, author, website and mobile app developer and Student Entrepreneur .

About Me!

Barath is a 14 year-old CEO who holds over 200 certifications, has created 8 apps on the Google Play store, and written several books on tech topics.  He proves that age is only a number.  

He has been successful in freelancing, serving international companies with digital marketing, SEO, and personal branding consultations.  As a volunteer he has created an end-to-end school management online portal .He maintains a YouTube channel and has been a guest on podcasts while engaged in an internship with AIC Raise, a startup incubation center focusing on United Nation’s sustainable development goals.  

He delivers content on IT and marketing topics regularly while managing a social media group for digital marketing which includes members from all over the globe.  He is always ready to discuss strategy and ideas to enhance the personal brand of his clients.  

Barathkumaar embodies the path continual learning opens for building skills and relationships.   He is passionate about enhancing the overall brand experience and creatively solving problems.