A Script Kiddie up to no good

A Script Kiddie up to no good

By Shrihari, CEO of Technowiz Academy.

The idea of writing this article dawned upon me when I came across some advertisements on Instagram that said “Learn Hacking in a week!”, “Become a certified hacker in a month” and so on. Intrigued by these, I started to probe more into what’s actually happening. Obviously, it turned out that the so-called courses, teach people the tools required for hacking and that was about it. Eventually many fall into this trap and end up wasting their time and money.

In recent days, this method of teaching hacking has become a widespread trend in the coaching industry mainly because people want results without efforts. Now what do we do about it? Let us start by taking a deeper look at what hacking is.

Firstly, let me attempt to clear the misconception surrounding the term “hacking”. The term “hacking” is generally associated with Cybersecurity. But that’s not entirely true. Hacking is an expression for possessing extreme expertise in a field. Scientists are hackers. Chefs are hackers who ‘hack’ flavors.

In Cybersecurity, ‘hackers’ are programmers with a very advanced level of expertise. People who install a particular OS and use some pre-built tools are not the real hackers, more like “crackers”. Unfortunately, journalism and media have been fooled into calling them “hackers”.

Several courses that we come across now are just a clever trap laid by people to make quick cash, by exploiting the ignorance of the masses. People might think, “I want to be a hacker, let me know how to use the tool and not bother about the working”. But they have to realize that being able to hotwire cars or having a formal degree can never make you an automobile engineer. 

The journey to becoming a Cyber Security Professional begins with basic programming. A simple way is to write a code, find a way to exploit your code, revise the code and repeat. Learning hardcore computer hardware and software is indispensable to become a skilled hacker. 

Tools are the results of coding. Tools exploit vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities get fixed and eventually the tool is of no use. It’s time to be aware that hacking is an unlimited thought process redefining what the majority thinks as “Hacking”

“Nothing is more hateful to wisdom than too much cleverness”

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Shrihari is the Founder and CEO of Technowiz Academy, a tech enthusiast. He is currently developing products for research laboratory automations and robotics courses for schools. He was the state topper in the board exams and is currently pursuing bachelors in Electronics.

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