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By Barathkumaar Ravikumaar, Chief Blogger at Digital Barath.

What’s there in this post?

•In this session, you will able to know why we need to choose LinkedIn
•You will also get to know about What is in it for you!
•And what you will be learning in upcoming days.

Why to choose LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and Best social Network with 660 Million users with 30 Million registered companies and 35.5 million users got their job using LinkedIn. 80% B2B leads come through LinkedIn

How LinkedIn is useful for you?

LinkedIn is used to amplify your visibility, establish your authority, Build connections with future boss and clients, Collaborations and Tie-up’s,

How to create a LinkedIn profile?

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Follow the Nine Must Have steps to Create your LinkedIn profile!

1) A good Looking Professional Headshot as your LinkedIn Profile Picture.

2) Always connect to people, who you can benefit and who can benefit you in future. LinkedIn Limited only 30K connections to a LinkedIn profile! So build your network in a useful way.

3) Your Headline : I suggest to use your headline as a call-to-action! I use my headline to describe my accomplishments, and I ask people to join my group.

4) Your Industry : LinkedIn has many industries listed and you can choose the best suited one for you.

5) Your Position : Make your designation title that accurately describes you.

6) Recommendations : Recommendations is one of the most important one in our LinkedIn Profile. Don’t Ask for Recommendations through LinkedIn.

7) Your Skills : According to LinkedIn’s own data, “members who have skills on their profile receive an average of 13x more profile views than those who don’t.” Always use the skills you have in your profile. Try to get a verified badge by LinkedIn by passing the LinkedIn Assessment.

8) Your activity : Activity show’s how active you are in LinkedIn. I recommend you to post consistently on LinkedIn and gain profile visitors.

9) Your Summary : If someone is interested in finding out more about you, they will examine your summary. A well-written summary is essential for explaining yourself.  So brief about you in the profile!


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What is your strategy for creating a killer LinkedIn profile?

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