My full name is : Barathkumaar

Born on : April 19, 2006

Interests : Digital Marketing, Branding & Website


I entered the field of Technology in Oct 2017. I was curious about Mobile phones and the operation side of it because my mother wasn’t keen on showing it to me. I began learning about Android, its functions and how it was built. I learned to code Android by learning from Youtube & built my first ever app X-FACTOR PRO (Basic Audio Recording Application). It was a great realization personally that we can learn anything & everything for free on the Internet. All you need is a focused mind, dedication and time! 

I learnt a lot by enrolling myself in free online courses. I have completed more than 200 courses thus far, it is just a number but the knowledge I have gained in return is enormous! In the span of 4 years to the present, I have shaped a determined mind and knowledge about Technology.

In Sep 2018, I got a call from Mr. Selvam (Founder of Shortfundly). He said that he came across my linkedin profile and felt truly amazed. He wanted me to learn about Digital Marketing & Sales. He hired me as an intern in Shortfundly. I learned Marketing fundamentals and everything else relating to that. After a few months, Mr. Selvam promoted me to Digital Marketing Manager and gave me the responsibility of leading the digital marketing team at just 12 years old. That was a really awesome moment for me & my entire school was very proud of me. As a Digital Marketing Manager, I started to learn how to interact with clients  & close sales at the end of the day and performed this with ease. Later on, I trained a group of interns in the same company. It was a great experience to join a company as an intern at the age of 12 and to be a trainer in the same company.

After 8 months, it was time to leave the company as there was no proper funding & there was no clear direction.

I left the company as a Student Entrepreneur and joined GUVI GEEKS as their Digital Marketing intern in Chennai for a month from April 2019 until May 2019. I learned and upskilled my marketing & branding skills.

Later on, I connected to Mr.Shrihari (Founder at Technowiz Robotics Academy). He appointed me as his  Marketing Officer & I helped him with every aspect for his brand. After several months, I got connected with Ebin Ephrem (Manager at AIC RAISE) and recieved an offer from them as an intern. I worked there as a Digital Marketing Manager and helped AIC RAISE to grow on social media.

In April 16, 2020 I got connected to Laura O’Connell. My first ever client. She was researching my profile and we built a relationship over the year. After completing her research, she sent me a message on Linkedin regarding SEO recommendations for her website & we began a reverse mentoring initiative.

On the 8th of May,2020 I got connected with Umesh Raaj (indeed a great and humble person who is my mentor today). We met on LinkedIn. That was the most important day in my life and I got an amazing mentor who is guiding me in all means. He continues to help me develop in all aspects.

Linkedin is very precious to me; it played an important role throughout my growing years. I got to know about Linkedin from Mr Venkatachalam Tirupati (Asst. Prof PSG TECH. Today I have received everything from education to clients on Linkedin.


I am very passionate about learning and exploring details about computers and technology every day.

I’m constantly learning and applying the knowledge within my network to help others.


I am able to venture out and work with great business minds. I am grateful that my school and my principal have given me the ultimate freedom to pursue my passion.

I lead the Computer Science Club at my school and successfully created an app for my teachers and faculty. Today I am freelancing internationally.

I have obtained the “Pride of Jaycees Award “, “Jaycees Achiever Award” from my school and have been featured in Famous Websites like Yourstory, Elephant Journal and Thrive Global.


My mother motivated me to complete DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications). That’s when I got great knowledge about Technology and everything began from here!

As time and years passed, I ventured into Social Media and started taking courses from Top Influencers such as Sorav Jain, Digital Deepak, Digital Pratik, Siddharth Rajasekar, Gaurav Madan and a few others.


Here are the certification courses which I’ve completed:

1) Marketing Rockstar from Digital Scholar

2) Digital Marketing Certification from Great Learning

3) Enterprise Design Thinking Team Essentials – AI Certification from IBM

4) Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator Certification from IBM

5) Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner Certification from IBM.

6) Marketing Foundations Certification from Olympus Learning.

7) Working in a Digital World – Professional Skills Certification from IBM

8) Quality Management Certification from GUVI.

9) Freedom Business Blueprint Certification from Siddharth Rajasekar

10) Digital Deepak Internship Program Certification from Deepak Kanakaraju


I am uncertain about what lies ahead for me in the future, but this journey which I have embarked on and every single activity dealing with technology means the world to me.I will consistently strive to be a better being and an enthusiastic Marketer, serving on a larger scale with the purpose to contribute my best for the greater good.

My message to those of you in your teens and future generations aspiring to explore the world of Information Technology:

Do not let your schooling interfere with your desire. Focus on what you love to do and what brings you happiness.