3 Kick Ass Strategies to Get Your Clients on Budget

You may have a great product or service but, unless you have someone to buy them, you won’t earn a single penny.

That line may sound cliche but, it’s a fact. It’s a nightmare for newbies in any niche.

You can, of course, get clients by advertising but the question is, can you?

Before you drop all your weapons and think of quitting, here we are to help you get clients with our kick-ass strategies

The LinkedIn miner

Online marketers name LinkedIn as the most powerful business tool created in the last decade. The last 2 years have seen LinkedIn as one of the top choices for marketers to exchange their knowledge and in turn build corporate connections.

Corporate connections in LinkedIn are a lot more valuable when compared to your Facebook friends. Mostly because in LinkedIn people come to build and grow their business.

After talking to hundreds of business people who are killing their LinkedIn game, we have finally scripted a readymade process that you can start following today.

Step 1: Singular positioning – Speak to one audience, outcome or vehicle. It helps to attract like-minded people and build a meaningful connection that you can, later on, turn into a client. 

Step 2: Messaging optimizations – Keep your outreach scripts ready and profile completely updated to let people easily find and know about you. 

Step 3: Conversational scaling – At one stage, you will have to automate your outreach process so that you can scale the method and respond personally only to people after they respond

Step 4: Nurture systems – Corporate connections are like women. They can smell desperation. Be smart and first nurture your connection with helpful information and content. Now watch that connection convert to a prospect.

If you are a business or freelancer, you just can’t afford to not use LinkedIn. Start implementing the above process today and watch how LinkedIn gives you healthy business in the long term.

The humble lead gen beast

Basically, in this strategy, you create content and feature/mention the people you want to work within that content.

Once that content is published you simply reach out to them and let them know they were featured. Just imagine why would they refuse to talk to someone who has written about them.

This strategy is actually used by some of the pro website designers where they do a weekly or monthly meeting where they breakdown a company’s website with whom they want to work.

They are creating content for their audience and at the same time opening the door to communication with a potential client while highlighting how they could be doing better.

Believe me, using this strategy will be really fun. And you can get some of the highest paying clients for your business

The real social strategy

In every Facebook group when you visit the member’s list, you can see an area that has “Members With Things In Common.” This is a great place to interact with people and starting casual conversations with them about what they do and what they are working on (AKA: where they are and where they want to be).

You can simply start by saying something like: “Hey I saw we had some mutual friends and groups! Would love to connect. How long have you been in [niche]?”

This strategy will create tons of opportunities like joint partnerships, interviews and more.

The more conversations with your target audience you have, the more clients you’ll attract.

You should also be posting relevant stories, social proof, mistakes and shifts your ideal audience should make. Then when you see people like/comment on those posts, directly reach out and start conversations with them.

This works because they’ve metaphorically raised their hand and showed interest in what you’re talking about.

You have the ability to communicate informally and personally using Facebook groups. This not only feels genuine but also creates some business relations that last really long.

To start we recommend you to be a part of this group of highly engaging digital marketers who might be interested in your offering.

The above strategies if implemented with dedication and patience can get you clients at almost no cost.

We even have a bonus strategy that you would like to include in your lead generation campaigns.

Bonus strategy

Use Facebook search to find people who need your help.

This is one of our favorite (yet underused) strategies for getting more clients.

You can literally go to the Facebook search bar and just type things in like “I need help building a website” or “help with Facebook ads” and you’ll be able to search dozens of public posts and group posts.

Navigate to “Public Posts” and “Group Posts” after you search.

Hop into the conversations, provide value and see how/if you can help. 

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